Eleanor Field for Bath

Eleanor Field - Green Party candidate for Bath

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Bath needs change

For too long our city has been a bargaining chip in a game of party politics. Meanwhile, our services are being sold off, green spaces are at serious risk, and desperately needed funding is being cut.

Enough is enough. Bath deserves better.

It’s time to vote brave and vote for our future. Vote for the Bath we really want to see, for our children, our families and for the place we call home.


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About Eleanor

Eleanor Field works in Bath as a project manager for a local independent business. She moved to the city six years ago, seeking a better quality of life for her and her teenage daughter.

Eleanor and the local Green Party has campaigned all year round on air pollution, fighting hard to address the dirty air in their beautiful city.

She says: “We need more women in parliament. We need a louder Green voice.

Rental prices have soared in Bath; my own rent has increased by 40%. Roads are more congested and air polluted above safe EU levels. There are huge concerns about the outsourcing of NHS and public services, particularly for the vulnerable, which will only worsen the inequality so visible in Bath.”

About Eleanor Field

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