Campaign Issues


Cleaner transport solutions

We need faster, cheaper, cleaner ways of getting around.

Roads in Bath are congested and our air pollution is at illegal levels. There are so many ways that we could further improve walking and cycling in the city, to make it possible for most journeys to be made this way. We need to challenge the Government and Council to answer, “Why is it cheaper to drive into Bath and park than it is to take a bus?” We need a railway service, a bus service and cycle routes that are fit for purpose. If we’re serious about tackling congestion, we need to take control of public transport and improve it.

  • Prioritise cleaner transport solutions for Bath. Campaign for a locally owned bus company
  • Investigate Central Government funding opportunities to improve Bath’s transport infrastructure
  • Build a Bath Cycle Network that connects with national schemes that is fit for purpose, and doesn’t endanger lives

Good-quality homes for all

My personal experience of renting a house in Bath is that it is expensive and there is not much choice. Too often families like mine, young professionals and the elderly are forced to pick the ‘best’ out of the ‘rest’. The Bath housing market is totally broken and needs fixing! We need well-insulated warm homes for families, students and others. Rents need to be truly affordable, and landlords need to take responsibility to ensure that rental homes are safe and warm.

  • Work with estate agents, landlords and the council to build a Bath's Better Homes Network
  • Introduce a Living Rent
  • Build more council and social housing
  • Scrap the bedroom tax

Read more in my Housing Pledges pdf here: Download

Protecting our environment

Protecting our environment

The environment has been totally neglected by the political mainstream. The values of the Green Party will always put the environment at the heart of everything that we do. It is the main reason that I am a member, as a mother and as a person who wants to leave a legacy of a livable planet for the following generations. It angers me to think of the vanity projects proposed in Bath, such as the Meadows stealing Park & Ride and building an expensive and pointless link road on the A36. These projects have very little respect for the environment and air quality in Bath. We have a rich heritage, let’s ensure we have a flourishing future.

  • Work with authorities to maintain Bath’s green spaces
  • Help organize a monthly ‘traffic-free day’ in Central Bath
  • Support the implementation of a clean air zone in Bath
Public services

Our NHS and public services

We pay for public services, we use them, we own them. It’s time they belonged to all of us. From our hospitals to our railways and schools, the Green Party will campaign for public services that are run by the people for the people. We will stand up for the NHS - we want it to be protected not privatised.

  • Roll back privatisation of the NHS to ensure that all health and dental services are always publicly provided, via the introduction of an NHS Reinstatement Act
  • Bring energy, water, railways, buses, the Royal Mail and care work back into public ownership
  • Introduce major investment in social care for the elderly and all those who need it
Green Economy

A Green economy that works for everyone

The Green Party believes that our economy should be innovative, collaborative, forward facing and for the benefit of communities and the environment.

The economy is all of us: our work, our creativity, what we buy, how we spend our time. It should allow us to lead happy and fulfilled lives. A Green economy would replace the exploitation of people and resources with decent, meaningful work. It would create over one million jobs through our programme of green investment and restoring the public sector.

  • Empower and support BaNES Council to bring in rent controls for small shop premises
  • Enable local communities to retain the character and amenity of their shopping streets through the introduction of ‘business conservation areas’
  • Focus on maximising employment opportunities for the most socially disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community
  • Develop high environmental and ethical charters for accommodation providers through setting up a ‘Bath Green Tourism’ hallmark for the industry
  • Ensure that all who work in tourist related employment in the city do not suffer from exploitative employment practices. Fighting for the end of Zero Hour contracts

Read more in my Business Pledges pdf here: Download



Since the EU referendum, this country has been torn apart. We need a pragmatic solution to reunite the UK, our communities and families. If elected, I will vote and continue to campaign for a second referendum on EU membership, once we know what the final deal is, and with the option to Remain on the ballot. This is a direct pledge and promise to the people of Bath.

The Green Party has pledged to give voters a final say on any Brexit deal - with the chance to stay in the EU if they don't like the deal the Government negotiates.

  • Vote for a 2nd referendum to settle the Brexit argument
  • Continue to campaign for Bath and the UK to Remain in the EU
  • Champion the benefits that EU membership has given business, people and Bath as a City