let bath breathe

Caroline Lucas visiting to support ‘Let Bath Breathe’ campaign

With the news 92% of Bath’s air pollution coming from road traffic and the Government’s lack of action in tackling Nitrogen Dioxide, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas will visit Bath on May 4th to support ‘Let Bath Breathe’ and other local campaigns aiming to reduce air pollution in the city.

Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales said; “The government’s failure to tackle the air pollution emergency is a national disgrace. I fully support the people of Bath in calling for real action to address this problem and I’m delighted to see the Green Party supporting these campaigns.”

Eleanor Field, Green Party candidate for Bath said: “Air pollution takes 40,000 lives in the UK every year. In Bath, air pollution regularly exceeds legal limits by as much as 50%. These are not just statistics. These are our friends and loved ones. It’s their healthcare. Bath needs to be in a Clean Air Zone.”

The Conservative government was under a court direction to publish new proposals to tackle levels of Nitrogen Dioxide pollution, believe to be responsible for thousands of deaths per year, by 4pm on Monday. The original plans had been slammed by judges as “so poor as to be unlawful”. However, the government has chosen to delay publication of the new proposals until after the Local and General elections.