Bath sanctuary city

Eleanor Field calls for Bath to be a Sanctuary City

Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate Eleanor Field has called for Bath to became a Sanctuary City.

Sanctuary Cities are there to offer a culture of hospitality, especially towards refugees seeking safety from war and persecution.

Bath has long stood as a place of welcoming and support, with such groups as Bath Welcomes Refugees supporting those who settle in Bath to start a new life.

Eleanor Field Bath Sanctuary City

Eleanor Field said “It is about time that Bath has an MP that is willing to step up and aims to create a community which supports a thriving city that is welcoming to refugees.”

“We have a moral obligation to support those in need and we can do more this as a Sanctuary City..”

“Bath is a city that cares deeply about those in need. The Conservative Government have acted with contempt towards those that are fleeing war and persecution, showing that they have no empathy or heart towards those that so desperately need our help. We saw that with the scrapping of the Dubs Scheme which supported unaccompanied children coming to Britain. As the fifth richest country in the world, we have an obligation to help those that so desperately need it.”

“Being a Sanctuary City will help us promote the compassion I know Bath has. We are a city that cares about others, and this will strengthen our neighbourhoods and promote the diversity that we are proud of.”

Eleanor has also made a pledge to support refugee protection:

  • I pledge to respect the importance of refugee protection, including in wide-ranging debates about immigration, and, if elected, to uphold the proud tradition throughout the UK of welcoming people forced to flee war and persecution and helping them rebuild their lives – Refugee Council

Read more of Eleanor’s pledges here: