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Eleanor Field and Caroline Lucas meet with Fox Hill residents

On Saturday 27th May, Eleanor Field, Caroline Lucas and Bath Green Party met with Fox Hill residents to discuss the impending demolition of their community by the social housing landlord and developer Curo.

Curo have already purchased and started development on a site next to Foxhill and are seeking to expand this into the Foxhill area. This will result in many long-term and new residents of Foxhill losing their homes and their community bit by bit.

During the meeting with the residents of Fox Hill, it became evident how passionate they are about their community and what it has to offer. The area has been called deprived, run down and isolated which is simply not the case. While in the area, Bath Green Party knocked on doors and spoke to residents, and saw the community spirit in the area. There are mini libraries on the side of the road and community garden spaces set up – this is not something that’s being communicated by Curo.

“It was good to hear from the Save Foxhill campaign and all those battling to stop their homes from being destroyed by bulldozers. These families need security and they need a Green MP willing to listen to their concerns and stand up for what matters.” – Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader of The Green Party

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