If you were elected would you aim to support the arts in Bath? And if so how?

Bath has a fantastic national reputation for the arts. If elected, I would work with the arts organisations operating in Bath to understand the pressure they are under and how I could effectively represent their interests as MP and ensure their continued success. I firmly believe that the people who work in and contribute to the arts should be central to the process of developing a robust and effective plan to ensure they are properly supported going forward.

What do you think of the current plans to downsize and move Bath Central Library to Lewis House?

I am opposed to the plans to downsize and move Bath Central Library. Our library is a vital resource for the community, and I have used it myself for many years. Reducing the size of the library will rob the community of a much loved space for local people to browse and borrow books, access meeting rooms, and specialist advice,  as well as simply escape for some much needed peace and quiet in the city centre. Lewis House is a crowded multi-use hub and in no way an appropriate home for our library, which would be dramatically reduced in size and scope as a consequence. Libraries are not luxuries and should not fall victim to the increasingly unreasonable budget cuts inflicted on our local authority by central government. If I am elected, I will continue to campaign to maintain and enhance our library service.

What are your thoughts on the East of Bath Park and Ride?

I am very much opposed to the plans for the East of Bath Park and Ride. This scheme is being pushed through by the council against the wishes of a large proportion of local people, especially those closest to the proposed site in Bathampton and Batheaston- not least the owner of the proposed site. These plans would not only fail to solve Bath’s traffic problems but also cause severe, irreparable damage to the beautiful Bathampton Meadows. We need urgent action to tackle the increasing problems with air quality and congestion in the city but this is not the answer.

What are your thoughts on the A36/A46 Link Road?

I am opposed to the A36/A46 link road. Having considered the data in support of the proposal myself, I am not satisfied that a link road would have a positive impact on traffic into Bath and indeed there is robust evidence that it may in fact increase car use. Building the road would be very costly, logistically challenging, and cause undeniable environmental and aesthetic damage to the area. While I recognise the need to act decisively to improve our transport infrastructure, any major works must be evidence based and really tackle to underlying issues at play, including car dependency and inadequate, expensive public transport.

What are your thoughts on the plans for a Bath cable-car?

The proposals put forward by Curo for a cable-car have left me slightly perplexed. While there is an undisputed need for innovative, low carbon solutions to get us out of our cars this seems like a gimmick. What Bath really needs is a joined up, affordable public transport network that allows people to travel throughout the city efficiently, not isolated one hit wonders. I also have concerns regarding the potential impact of the works needed to facilitate this scheme and the impact it would have on our environment, World Heritage Status, and the privacy of those living under its proposed path. Having said that, the fact that these proposals have really got the city talking about how to fix our transport problems can only be a good thing!

If there is a vote to repeal the fox hunting ban, how would you vote?

I will do everything I can to protect animal welfare and would certainly vote against repealing the fox hunting ban. The Green Party has fundamentally opposed to all blood sports and specifically seeks to ensure that animal hunting remains banned.

I have also made various pledges if I am to be elected MP for Bath, these can be found here: eleanorfield.org.uk/pledge