Green Party Brexit

Green Party announces its Brexit Policy “Giving a voice back to the People”

Speaking to workers and activists at Space Studios in London, an art studio which has benefitted from EU funding, Lucas said:

“A democracy worthy of the name must mean people having a real say over the major decisions that affect their lives. That’s why the Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be the start, not the end, of the democratic process. And it’s why today we are announcing our intention to push for remaining in the EU to be an option in a ratification referendum.”

The Greens are the only party to have made an official and unambiguous pledge to include the option of Remaining in the EU on the ballot paper of a ratification referendum.

Lucas added:

“Whoever wins this election has a mandate to negotiate on behalf of the British people – but that does not mean that they have a right to impose a final deal. Instead we demand a ratification referendum which gives people the option to remain in the EU if they wish, or to vote to back the Government’s deal.

“There are some who say that this is a re-run of the referendum, but that simply isn’t the case. Instead this is giving people an informed say over our shared future. If the Government is so convinced that they’ll get a decent deal then there’s no reason that they wouldn’t trust people to have a final say.

“Our message is simple. For a final say, and for a chance to vote to stay in the EU, vote Green.”

Eleanor Field, a longstanding defender of Britain’s place within the EU, described this policy as “giving a much needed voice back to the people”.

“Bath voted overwhelmingly to remain within the EU. We are a city that gains so much from our European partners. The science funding that supports the biggest employer here, the University of Bath, supports our local people and economy by providing low and high skilled jobs to our city. We also benefit from our EU visitors, supporting our local businesses and thriving natural heritage sites.”

“Once we know the deal, we should have a say in what our future will be without any uncertainty. The first referendum was filled with false promises and guesses on what will happen. Once we know the impact on our families and livelihoods, we should have a choice on if this is the future we want as a country and if this is the future we want for our children.”

“This second referendum will provide that much needed input from the public. I have stood up for our European partners in the past, and as your MP I will continue to do so, by giving you a choice on your future.”

“This is the time to vote brave, and to vote to control our future with the EU.”

Bath received 57.9% vote to remain apart of the EU during the referendum.