Bath air quality

Green Party Candidate Eleanor Field Announces Air Quality Plan

Eleanor Field has announced her plans to tackle the rising problem of polluted air that is causing a health crisis in Bath.

This policy will:

  • Support the implementation of a clean air zone in Bath
  • Help organise ‘traffic-free days’ in Central Bath
  • Prioritise cleaner transport solutions for Bath.
  • Oppose the Conservative ban on publicly-owned bus companies

Eleanor Field has said “We need actions that will solve Baths issues with dirty air. It is estimated that polluted air contributes to over 40,000 deaths annually, and the government and the local authority have ignored this issue for too long.”

“Our policies will promote a Bath that everyone can breathe clean and safe air, and do away with vanity projects like the meadows Park and Ride that will do nothing to solve congestion or pollution and destroy our natural heritage and pollution.”

“We need to tackle this issue head on. We need to protect the health of Bath, protect our green spaces and protect our residents and children from breathing dirty, polluted air. People are dying from this, and the Green Party has campaigned on this issue for many years, only to be ignored by those who could have done more to save those lives and protect our families health.”

“Whether you are young or old, a grandparent, parent or child, cyclist or driver you have the right to breathe clean air.”

“On June 8th we have a chance to be brave and put health and the environment at the top of the agenda. In June 8th we can put a stop to breathing dirty air and create a Bath we are all proud of.”

A response to a parliamentary question by Caroline Lucas has revealed the cost of taking a bus, coach and train has soared while the cost of travelling by car has dropped dramatically between 1980 and 2016.

The cost of motoring, including purchasing a vehicle, has fallen by 20% since 1980, while rail fares have risen by 63% and bus and coach fares are up by 64%.