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I will fight for free education and affordable homes – Promises Bath’s Eleanor Field

Young people met with Jonathan Bartley and Eleanor Field, Green Party Co-Leader and Parliamentary Candidate respectively, to discuss the growing issue of students and young people being priced out of Bath.

In particular, Jonathan and several local young residents discussed the growing issue of skyrocketing rent prices and tuition fees that are burdening young people in debt.

Eleanor Field said “Listening to these issues and their concerns makes me worry about my own child’s future in Bath and going into higher education.”

“Young people are an important part of Bath life, and we need to do more to secure their future. They are already worried about their future outside the EU alongside being unable to afford homes and receiving debt from trying to secure an education.”

Eleanor finished, “As your MP I will fight for free education and affordable homes so that young people can feel secure in their place in Bath which I want for my child and all our children.”

Tommy Parker, Bath and North East Somerset Young Greens Coordinator has said “I have felt betrayed and ignored by successive governments that have tripled my tuition fees, removed maintenance grants and ignored young renters being pushed out of Bath. We need solutions to make young people feel secure for our future, and not to be lied to and ignored on these pressing issues being faced by students and young people across the country.”