In light of recent events

In light of the recent tragedy in Manchester, Bath Green Party have decided to postpone campaigning until further notice. However, some houses in Bath have today received a leaflet from us, and more will during the course of the week. This is sadly out of our control as the leaflet in question is being delivered.

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Bath air quality

Green Party Candidate Eleanor Field Announces Air Quality Plan

Eleanor Field has announced her plans to tackle the rising problem of polluted air that is causing a health crisis in Bath. This policy will: Support the implementation of a clean air zone in Bath Help organise ‘traffic-free days’ in Central Bath Prioritise cleaner transport solutions for Bath. Oppose the Conservative ban on publicly-owned bus.

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free education

Eleanor Field criticises lack of action on poor air quality

At the Widcombe hustings last night, the Green Party’s Eleanor Field criticised Ben Howlett’s lack of action on the poor air pollution levels in Bath and comments previously made on social media about it. Afterwards Eleanor said, “Bath has been gripped by a pollution crisis which has forced dirty air into our cities and stay.

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Green Party Brexit

Eleanor Field holds other parties to account on Brexit

Bath’s Green PPC candidate Eleanor Field held Labour and Conservatives accountable for their actions on Brexit at the recent hustings event organised by the Widcombe Residents Association. After the event, Eleanor has said “Bath voted overwhelmingly to remain, and it isn’t fair to the campaigners in Bath who want to be a part of the.

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Green Party Education

“It is time to invest in our children”

Today (15th May) the Green Party have announced their education policy, outlining how they will: Invest £7bn to fill the school funding gap. Abolish SATs. End academies programme and bring existing academies and ‘free schools’ under control of BANES local authority. Eleanor Field, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bath has said “As a mother.

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