mental health

“The people of Bath are being failed on Mental Health”

Eleanor Field, Green Candidate for Bath, has lambasted the government for failing people experiencing mental health issues saying that “Adequate support for mental health is failing the people of Bath. There is hardly any provision for long term support in Bath for people experiencing mental health problems, and instead we have to rely on volunteer.

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Green Party Brexit

Green Party announces its Brexit Policy “Giving a voice back to the People”

Speaking to workers and activists at Space Studios in London, an art studio which has benefitted from EU funding, Lucas said: “A democracy worthy of the name must mean people having a real say over the major decisions that affect their lives. That’s why the Green Party has consistently said that the referendum should be.

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let bath breathe

Caroline Lucas visiting to support ‘Let Bath Breathe’ campaign

With the news 92% of Bath’s air pollution coming from road traffic and the Government’s lack of action in tackling Nitrogen Dioxide, Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas will visit Bath on May 4th to support ‘Let Bath Breathe’ and other local campaigns aiming to reduce air pollution in the city. Caroline Lucas, Co-Leader of the.

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free education

I will fight for free education and affordable homes – Promises Bath’s Eleanor Field

Young people met with Jonathan Bartley and Eleanor Field, Green Party Co-Leader and Parliamentary Candidate respectively, to discuss the growing issue of students and young people being priced out of Bath. In particular, Jonathan and several local young residents discussed the growing issue of skyrocketing rent prices and tuition fees that are burdening young people.

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student pledge

Green Party pledges to scrap tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants

The Green Party will announce three policies aimed at students at an event in Sheffield today (April 26). Co-leader Jonathan Bartley and deputy leader Amelia Womack will make a series of commitments to students during a visit to the University of Sheffield. They will be joined by students, members of the Young Greens and Natalie.

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