mental health

“The people of Bath are being failed on Mental Health”

Eleanor Field, Green Candidate for Bath, has lambasted the government for failing people experiencing mental health issues saying that “Adequate support for mental health is failing the people of Bath. There is hardly any provision for long term support in Bath for people experiencing mental health problems, and instead we have to rely on volunteer groups or charity phone lines. We have to do more to provide support.  Mental health and social care are just as important as physical injuries. Volunteers and RUH staff are doing fantastic work, but they are being failed by a government that is destroying public services and our NHS and Bath deserves better.”

The Green Party launched its Mental Health manifesto this week with Deputy Leader Amelia Womack with a commitment to increase mental health support care funding online with physical health support care funding.

Amelia Womack said, “We live in a society which feels custom built to wreck people’s mental health, and it’s a crisis caused by the savage policies of the Tory party – debt piled onto the young, people living only one pay cheque from homelessness, and hundreds of thousands of us forced into the indignity of using food banks.”

Funding for NHS mental health services fell by 8.25% from 2010-2015 and 61% of children and young people referred for help by mental health services in 2015 received no treatment.