I Pledge…

Over the course of this campaign I have made numerous pledges that I will upkeep if I am elected to be MP of Bath. Listed below are the pledges I have made so far – keep checking back as this page will be updated often.

  • I pledge to support the right of EU citizens living in the UK to remain in the UK after Brexit and retain their current rights – Home is Here
  • I pledge to give Bath the final vote and the final say on any Brexit deal
  • I pledge to respect the importance of refugee protection, including in wide-ranging debates about immigration, and, if elected, to uphold the proud tradition throughout the UK of welcoming people forced to flee war and persecution and helping them rebuild their lives – Refugee Council
  • Macmillan Cancer Support pledge
  • Pledge for pubs
  • The time to starve the dinosaur fossil fuel industry of funds is NOW. Let’s invest instead in 21st century industry such as renewable energy – Divest Parliament
  • I pledge to support the Pancreatic cancer GE Manifesto – Pancreatic Cancer UK
  • Five ways to support your local waterways pledge – IWA Manifesto for the Waterways
  • I believe (and so does the Green Party), that both civil marriage and civil partnerships should be open to all couples, regardless of sexual orientation and without discrimination – Equal Civil Partnerships
  • I pledge to improve the social care system for disabled people by ensuring the right level of social care is made available, and that all disabled people who want to work are supported to gain meaningful employment – Leonard Cheshire Disability’s pledge
  • Protect clinic access and funding for all UK women, Oppose parliamentary attacks on abortion rights, Support further moves to decriminalise abortion, in line with the Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Bill 2017 – My Pledge, Her Choice