Eleanor before Bath city landscape

A Strong Selection for a Green Bath

The Green Party have announced their candidate for the Bath constituency for snap General Election. Following an impressive result at the 2015 parliamentary elections in the Bath, Eleanor Field is the woman hoping to ‘turn Bath Green and be the first female MP for Bath’.Ms Field was part of the Green team that saw an increase in the Green vote in the general election, rising from 2.4 percent to 11.9 to finish second with just over 5,600 votes.

She says that her focus will be the long-term future of Bath – while also looking after the planet and the people of Bath.

Who is Eleanor Field?

After growing up in Camden, London she later moved to the countryside in Somerset to get away from the city. 6 years ago she moved to Bath with her young daughter to start a new life.

She has worked for several local businesses as part of a successful e-Learning project team and is now a freelance project manager. Involved with a variety of organisations and among her hobbies lists, watching films and theatre. Eleanor also has a crush on 70’s vintage retro and loves Bath’s food scene.

On being the Green Party candidate

“I want our children and grandchildren to live and grow together in a healthy, harmonious society. In particular, I want to fight for affordable housing, for the NHS and cleaner air for everybody.

Rental prices have soared here; my rent in Bath has increased by 40%. Scrapping letting fees alone will not address the issue of extortionate rents. oads are more congested, air pollution is above safe EU levels, endangering our health. There are huge concerns about outsourcing NHS and public services, particularly for the vulnerable, which will only worsen the inequality so visible in Bath.”

What would she do as Bath’s MP?

“By threatening to go for the scissors, Tim Warren and the rest of the Conservatives in Bath are driven to reduce public services to a threadbare state. At a time when inequality in Bath is still rising, when our communities are under threat – they have again abandoned the communities that they serve when we should be strengthening them.”

“We need MPs and a Council that will keep BaNES and Britain safe, getting it its fair share and challenge the Government to review its decision to cut funding for all local authorities. We need an MP that is willing to take immediate quick wins on day one. Let’s get Bath moving; get Bath breathing and have a Bath that represents Bath.”

What do others say about her?

Caroline Lucas (co-leader of The Green Party): “She is a fantastic local champion, and I have been hugely impressed by how much hard work she has put into the local area and for the Green Party.

“She has worked tirelessly to spread the Green message including through canvassing for by-elections, hosting welcoming local party meetings, and attending countless public meetings. Eleanor has stood up for what she believes in.”