Green Party Education

“It is time to invest in our children”

Today (15th May) the Green Party have announced their education policy, outlining how they will:

  • Invest £7bn to fill the school funding gap.
  • Abolish SATs.
  • End academies programme and bring existing academies and ‘free schools’ under control of BANES local authority.

Eleanor Field, Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bath has said “As a mother of a teenage daughter about to start her GCSE’s, I can see the strain of our broken education system is having on my child and families up and down Bath.”

“We need to fix these problems that have been caused by the Conservatives. Academies have made our children customers, not learners, and the planned introduction of new grammar schools creates a divide between the haves and have nots. Families and children are being failed, and a Green MP for Bath can repair our damaged schools.”

“Let’s reinvest in schools, let children learn without being burdened with needless tests, and let’s make our schools public, not operated by companies. Let’s believe in education as a right and a public good, not a commodity.”

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