Vote Green in Bath

Why you should vote Green in Bath

Hi my name is Eleanor Field and I am the Green candidate for Bath.

It’s the final few days here in Bath and across the UK all local Green Parties are working tirelessly spreading the Green message. A Green message of hope, of bringing communities together. A message of support for a confident and caring Britain.

Your vote on Thursday is so important.

We have had an overwhelming response of love and respect for our Green plans locally.  The people of Bath hold environmental issues close to their heart.  In a city with a long and rich heritage, we understand about the need for careful long term planning to ensure a thriving future.  

We need to ensure our Green voice continues to be heard. Other parties spread a message of fear and try to control the agenda. We have shown that with just one MP, we can be a loud voice of hope and strength, drowning out the fear. Have you ever wondered why UKIP seems to always be on the TV?  Partly, because in 2015 they got 3.8 million votes nationally. Did you know that opposition parties receive funding linked to the number of votes they get? For every 200 votes that the Green Party gets, we receive just over £33 and £17k for each MP, which equated to about £200k. This money is so valuable for all the hard work that you see from us in the UK and allows us to be effective even when we’re not in Government.

On Thursday we will have to decide on what sort of Britain we want to live in. Whether we want to stick with politics as usual, or if we want to live in a Britain where people and the planet are put first. I want to be able to tell my daughter I did everything I could, for her, for my daughter’s children and their children. If you want the same, together, on Thursday, we will have to make a big, bold decision for the future.

It is time to vote for your ideals and a Party that will not let you down.

For integrity. Honesty. Consistency. Reliability.

For a hard working Green MP, over just another backbencher.

It is time to vote brave.

It is time to vote for what matters. It’s time to vote Green.